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A BSA Officer’s Tool Kit Webinar

Why You Don’t Want To Miss This Webinar

One of the most common reasons for a BSA program failure is inability of a BSA Officer to effectively manage too many moving parts of a BSA program.

This webinar will discuss the most powerful tools of the trade that must be deployed by a BSA Officer and BSA team to ensure a consistently successful BSA Program. The webinar will include the following and many more topics:

• Workflow matrixes.

• Daily performance management.

• Timely identification of workflow bottlenecks.

• Inventory management of BSA moving parts.

• Secondary reviews.

• Information sharing within BSA and beyond.

• Power training for BSA.

• BSA stakeholders management. 

We will walk through BSA processes and talk about the most common process failure areas and recommended tools.

This webinar will also strengthen demonstrable efforts of a BSA management of a bank, credit union, and other FIs under the training pillar of a BSA program.

Who Should Attend:

The webinar is designed for all levels of BSA management and teams including CCOs, BSA Officers, and BSA teams. It will serve as an effective refresher for senior BSA management and a good learning opportunity for other levels of a BSA team in their continual professional development.

Includes on-demand recording & webinar materials. Plus Earn 1.5 hours CPE credits

About the Presenter

Ali, CAMS, CPA, is a seasoned compliance professionalfocus on BSA/AML & OFAC. He is currently serving as the BSA/OFAC Officer of First American International Bank in New York. Prior to this, he served many large international banks including as a Chief Compliance Officer for more than 15 years. Shariq started his career in public accounting with PwC followed by internal auditing for some top multinational companies. His core competencies include regulatory risk management including remediation. Shariq's passion is to share his vast professional knowledge and experience in the BSA/AML & OFAC space through online and in person webinars and seminars. 






Virtual & Digital Interviews – Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Virtual & Digital Interviews – Mistakes You Want to Avoid

As recruiters, we try to meet everyone that we send to our clients.  Since we recruit nationally, we utilize virtual and digital interviewing to meet many of the people we place.  As a result, we have seen it all, in terms of a candidate’s preparedness or lack thereof.  Today I want to share a simple tip on selecting the appropriate background for your interview. 


Clutter Free Background Setting


When engaged in a video, skype or other interview, it is important to have a background that is devoid of clutter, noise and other distractions.  Remember, first impressions are lasting.  As cliché as that may sound, your potential employer views every aspect of your presentation including how you’re dressed, the space you selected to take the skype/video interview, as a window into the type of employee you would be.   It’s also a good idea to test your ability to receive or make a video/skype call prior to the interview so that there’ll be no mishaps. Position yourself so that the interviewer can clearly see your face/upper body.  Close shades/blinds to avoid glare on the computer, phone or other device.  Last, but not least, speak directly into your device so that the interviewer can hear you clearly. 


Happy interviewing.  Don’t underestimate the power of a smile

Interview Tip - Courteous Goes A Long Way


Developer curses at man on subway, meets him again in job interview

By: Chris Matyszczyk

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

The London subway isn't the most elegant of places.

It reeks of malodor. It's dripping with secondary moisture. And then there's the difficulty of shoving far too many people into a confined space and hoping that, in some very British way, they'll all get on.

One man got on the subway train last Monday morning and wasn't in the mood for politeness or pleasantries. As another man stood in his way, he shoved him and, so that there was no doubt as to his intent, told him to "Go f*** yourself."

This is morning talk for "Oh, do please get out of the way."

Perhaps the curser thought nothing more of it. He went about his day. He even had a job interview later in the afternoon.

He walked in and, within seconds, began to curse himself. For his interviewer turned out to be the very man he'd cursed at on the subway. Being a Python developer, and therefore a man of some rational bent, he might have attempted to work out the chances of such a serendipitous event.

However, as Matt Buckland told the BBC: "It was totally awkward."

Buckland, you see, was the interviewer. He's the head of talent and recruiting for Forward Partners. This is a VC company that offers money to fledgling entities. You'd imagine he might have been tempted, in this job interview, to reciprocate the developer's morning greeting.

Instead, he admitted to the BBC: "I approached it by asking him if he'd had a good commute that morning. We laughed it off and in a very British way I somehow ended up apologizing."

The story emerged before millions of eyes, because Buckland garlanded his Twitter feed with it. His now-classic post read: "Karma - the guy who pushed past me on the tube and then suggested I go F myself just arrived for his interview...with me..."

The developer didn't get the job because he wasn't, according to Buckland, quite right for it. Might his predilection for ill temper have contributed to him not being right for it? Buckland didn't say. The job, though, is still available.

One way of preparing for this particular developer interview is surely to ride the London subway all day long, trying to be nice to everyone you meet.

I don't suggest, though, too deep a belief in karma. We all remember the rare times when karma seems to bring a delicious justice to an unfair world.

But look around and you'll find a remarkably large number of notably unpleasant people in positions of great power.

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Work-Life Balance – What Employees Value The Most

Work-Life Balance – What Employees Value The Most

As an organization, Abigail Consulting Solutions places a high value on work-life balance, so we’re always on the lookout for ways to improve.  We recognize that time off to rest and relax helps reduce stress and promotes good health which in the end boosts productivity.  The following study by TSheets is very insightful so we wanted to share it with our visitors.

Please click the link below for the findings of a study published by TSheets.

AML/BSA: Anti-Terrorism Transaction Monitoring & Filtering

An Interactive Workshop that Takes a Risk Based Approach to
transaction monitoring & Its Impact on Organizations

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