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Finding the right temporary or contract employee for your open position can be challenging regardless of the existing economic environment. We help you realistically evaluate your needs and expectations to ensure that you attract the best and the brightest talent available to achieve objectives.


Screening Process

We understand that both full-time employees and consultants are subject to the same rigors, and clearly communicate the importance of accurate information and full disclosure to potential hires. This enables us to move candidates through the process in a seamless manner.

With regard to hiring technical candidates, each applicant undergoes a thorough screening process prior to being presented to the client.
All applicants are initially pre-screened by phone to assess work eligibility, communication skills, current and past functional job experience, general aptitude, technical competency, product, and/or subject matter expertise, and corporate fit.



Abigail Consulting Solutions guarantees that every candidate will be personally screened and pre-qualified so that they meet all employer stated requirements. We will submit several qualified candidates within 24-48 hours of each request.




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